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Welcome to Gulf Aviation Flight School in Harlingen, Texas

Founded in 1981, Gulf Aviation Flight School has gained recognition as one of the finest aviation training facilities in South Texas. We offer comprehensive flight training programs for all certificate levels from Private Pilot through Commercial Pilot and Instrument Rating. In all of our programs we train to optimum proficiency, meaning you will work harder to earn your certificates and ratings. It also means that you will fly better when you graduate.

Gulf Aviation Flight School boasts some of the finest pilots and personnel in the area. Our training staff is carefully selected and thoroughly trained to insure qualified and experienced professionals. They are continually evaluated to maintain high levels of teaching effectiveness, with closer attention to the students’ individual learning and motivational needs. Our training programs are carefully planned to meet the needs and requirements of the each student.

Gulf Aviation Flight School proudly adhere to the code of conduct set by the National Air Transportation Association. Major airlines, corporations and individual aircraft owners have been relying on our graduating pilots for more than 25 years.

Training programs at Gulf Aviation flight school are carefully thought out and planned to meet the needs and requirements of the individual student. Upon arrival, you will find a carefully planned training schedule prepared. Our entire staff will work with you in completing this plan.

Training schedules begin and end on time with no conflicts of interest. Our suggested time frames for completing programs are conservatively realistic. Beautiful Texas weather also has a positive effect on timely completion.

The desire to please and keep excellent relationships with our students and customers has become a hallmark way of doing business…we look forward to flying with you!



Flight School Gulf Aviation, Inc / Cessna Pilot Center, is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

U.S. Flight Students - Prove citizenship status before beginning flight training.

Foreign flight students are required to register with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) prior to beginning flight training. The prospective student must complete a background check with TSA and receive TSA clearance to begin training.

Gulf Aviation Flight School offers flight training for Category 3 as defined by TSA:

  • Candidates who seek flight training in the operation of aircraft with a maximum certificated takeoff weight of 12,500 pounds or less for the following three training events; an initial airman’s certificate, instrument rating, and multi-engine rating. Each of the three training events requires a separate training request.


What is your next step?

If you are a flight training candidate who qualifies for Category 3, then proceed with the login steps below and begin filling in the TSA application.

  • After you validate and submit your application for flight training, your flight training provider will be notified via email and required to validate or reject knowledge of your intent to receive flight training with them. If the flight training provider validates your request, you will receive e-mail notification and must submit payment via the AFSP website.
  • Once TSA receives confirmation of your payment, you will receive e-mail notification with instructions on how to submit fingerprints.
  • Candidates in Category 3 may commence training upon payment of the application fee and acknowledgement of receipt of their fingerprints by TSA. You and the provider will be notified once TSA receives the fingerprints and the candidate receives permission to initiate training.

If you are a foreign student, please click the link below to begin your application with TSA.

This web site contains the application for Alien Flight Students seeking training at FAA-regulated flight schools.