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About the Rio Grande Valley

Welcome to the Rio Grande Valley!

Gulf Aviation invites to you take a tour of the many attractions to be found in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, a land like nowhere else with unparalleled opportunities for travel and tourism, business and development and more. So, no matter how long your stay, you’re sure to enjoy “the Valley. “

There are few places more tropical in the continental United States than the lush Rio Grande Valley of deep South Texas. With abundant culture, warm climate, tropical beauty and delicious Rio Grande Valley fruit, the region is spotted with an assortment of small towns and cities full of South Texas charm and home hospitality. The hub communities of McAllen, Brownsville, South Padre Island and Harlingen provide ample shopping, the opportunity to enjoy art, culture and history and many attractions that can be enjoyed year-round.

Beachgoers can enjoy gulf waters and warm sands of South Padre Island, a coastal resort town bordered by the Gulf of Mexico with five miles of seashore shopping, fine dining, entertainment, year round fishing, exotic tours, water sports and more.

Rio Grande Valley Weather

The sub-tropical climate of the Rio Grande Valley is characterized by short, mild winters and summers tempered by the southeastern breezes from the Gulf of Mexico. Summer temperatures remain fairly constant with daytime highs reaching to the mid upper-90s, while the pleasant evenings cool down to the mid-70s. Winter temperatures are mild and pleasant. The normal daily minimum for January, usually the coldest month, is 51 degrees.

The year-round subtropical climate and mild winters of the Rio Grande Valley entice visitors and nature enthusiasts from all over North America for year-round fishing, bird watching, shopping and vacations.